Fall Fertilizer Has Benefits

Fall is a great time to apply Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulfur fertilizers. (Especially the elemental form of sulfur). There are many benefits to fall applied crop nutrients

  • Fertilizer is readily available for plant uptake in growing season.
  • Generally in most years pricing is better in the fall.
  • There is less soil compaction than in the spring.
  • It is one more job completed prior to spring planting.

Fall is also a great time to have your soil sampling done, which can directly coincide with fertilizer application. Soil samples pulled in the fall can generally be sent to the lab and returned in time to make recommendations and spread fall fertilizer needs. Also a consideration for this fall may be looking at a grid sampling program. As profit margins become tighter, variable rate spreading (VRT) can be an option to utilize the most out of your fertilizer dollar.

If you have any questions please contact WS Ag Center or your WS Ag sales person.

Thank you,

Tom Arndt


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