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Cluck Chicken Feed

CLUCK the Chicken Store from Paoli has teamed up with WS AG Center in Columbus to be the exclusive marketer of their Organic Soy-Free Chicken Feed.  There are many benefits to feeding soy-free for both your chickens and your family. Chickens fed a soy-based diet are exposed to high levels of estrogen which can interrupt their lay cycle.  When you make the switch to soy-free chicken feed you can expect your laying hens to produce eggs that are less likely to  contain allergens or elevated hormone levels. Contact us at WS AG Center for this pelleted product or any of your poultry or livestock needs.  WS AG Center is a full-service agricultural center here to help you be more profitable and efficient! Come into our store to see our new   summer poultry display!



2019 Show Pigs

Show Pigs 2019

Doug Mace, Kent Nutrition Group

Show season is here, and although the basic format of fairs is the same, a LOT of changes have taken place in the past several years. Kent Feeds has tried to keep pace with fast-changing swine genetics, and we’re constantly making changes to feed these newer pigs.  Here are a few things to consider…

What breed of pig do you have?  There are subtle differences in feed efficiency, rate of gain, deposition of fat, muscling ability, etc.  Do your homework and be proactive to get your pig where it needs to be. When is the targeted show? We can make sound feeding adjustments ONLY when we know how many pounds of gain are needed in how many days.  And, make sure you have access to a scale to weigh your animal along the way. All too often I get a call to help turn around a desperate situation that could have been “tweaked” along the way with a lot less hassle.  Lastly, ask for HELP if you’re not sure! There are TONS of resources available nowadays.

For many years, the show side followed the commercial trend for highly muscled pigs and even breeding stock.  Not anymore! The current trend (which I am in favor of, BTW) is for smooth, balanced, sound pigs that can move well, have correct structure and have a look of longevity in the case of breeding stock.  How has this changed how we’re feeding them? Remember that swine nutrition is a balancing act of protein and energy. Too much of one or the other can change the way pigs grow and fatten. We have seen our show feed formulas come down in protein, have a higher level of fiber and bulk, and some of the cutting-edge vitamin/trace mineral additives we’ve learned from the commercial side are now commonplace here. When I was a kid, we fed oats to pigs routinely.  Then it was gone. Now it’s back in the form of granola—and the pigs LOVE it and perform SUPER on it. These are just a couple of examples but I think you get the point.

Feed programs are varied, but here are a few of Kent’s options:

*Complete Pelleted Feeds

-Launch SK and Drive SK:  our newest formulas with granola

-Hands Down and Prime Time:  proven winners, formulated for top gain

*Show Pig Base Mix:  Can be made up at WS just for you.  More economical but equally well fortified

-Swine Show Starter Base:  for younger pigs OR to “tweak” protein in mixes

-Show Pig Supplement:  If you want to grind your feed at home

*Essential Show Products:  fine tuning for your pig. Most are special order from WS Ag

I hope I’ve given some useful information.  Have a good show season, hope you win, but the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!


Digestive Health in Show Livestock


Digestive Health in Show Livestock

Lance Miller, Purina Animal Nutrition


Now that summer might actually be here in Wisconsin, and livestock shows are happening every weekend, keeping our animals eating is one of the biggest concerns. By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what you want your project to look like and weigh at the target show for that animal. A healthy digestive tract is the best way to keep your animal progressing towards that look and weight.

The rumen of your steer, heifer, goat or lamb and the stomach of your pig are all subject to changes in pH. Keeping the pH from becoming too acidic can help prevent digestive tract insult. Ulcers, acidosis, or burning of the stomach lining can occur when the pH in the stomach or rumen is too low. This causes your animal to decrease feed intake. Purina has developed a new, research-proven product to help prevent these issues. This new product is Alleviate, and it can be fed to all classes of livestock (beef, sheep, swine, and goats). Purina believes in the effectiveness of this product so much and we know how many showpigs are affected by digestive upset, it is already included in our 719, 819, and 919 Honor Show Chow showpig feeds. If you have an animal that is a timid eater, goes off feed when you take her to a show, or just won’t eat as much as you need him to, give Alleviate a try.

Other things you can do to ensure your animal maintains proper feed consumption:

  • Make sure they always have access to fresh, cool, and clean water.
  • Be as consistent at possible with your feeding program – especially when you feed and how much you feed.
  • Keep the animal comfortable – proper bedding, out of the sun, fans to cool them, rinsing with cool water.
  • Limit environmental stress as much as possible.

If you would like to talk more about digestive health of your show project, want help or advise with your animals, or have questions about any of the Purina Honor Show Chow or High Octane products, please contact WS Ag Center or you can contact Lance Miller at 920-517-7524 or

Meet Our 2019 Summer Intern- Maggie Westrich

Hi, my name is Maggie Westrich and I am from Greenleaf, Wi. I am going to be a senior at UW– Platteville this fall and I am majoring in Dairy Science. I was introduced to agriculture through my high school FFA program, where we were encouraged to expand our learning outside of the classroom by working for a local farmer.  For my first job I managed the feed bunkers for a large dairy operation and from there I learned to milk, breed, feed, treat, and work with dairy cattle in all different settings. I’ve enjoyed building relationships and learning from all the dairy producers I’ve worked for during the last five years. I’m excited to build those same type of relationships with the staff and clients of WS AG Center this summer.



Meet Our 2019 Summer Intern- Matthew Bowman

Hello, my name is Matthew Bowman and I am from Bryant, WI. I grew up on a small Angus and commercial cow/calf operation. I had grown up showing club calves and Hereford breeding heifers at the state and national level. I am currently attending UW – River Falls majoring in Agriculture Business. I had picked Ag Business because I always had an interest in the business side of the family farm. I also had always had a passion and interest in sales. What I am hoping to gain from this internship is to gain a better understanding what feed can do to change and animal. The skills to become a better sale. Then valuable industry connections to help me in my future.



Meet Our 2019 Summer Intern- Mia Acker

Hi, my name is Mia Acker and I am from Cross Plains, WI. I am going to be a Junior at UW-River Falls. I am  majoring in Animal Science with an   emphasis of Beef Management and minoring in  Agricultural Business. I grew up showing horses, however I always had an interest in cows.  I am very passionate about nutrition which lead me to WS Ag Center because they are giving me the opportunity to learn and grow in the livestock industry.



Don’t Miss Our Show Trailer!

This year WS Ag Center’s show trailer will be heading to four fairs. Our fair list includes Dane County, Sheboygan County, Green Lake County, and Dodge County. Our Trailer will be stocked with many show supplies from paint and adhesive cans to pig whips and halters. Don’t run out of show supplies on your big day. Good luck to all of our showmen!

July 19 – 22

August 2-5

August 15-19

August 30– Sept. 3

The trailer will also be at Kuenzi Equestrian Events on Saturday, July 14 for a Pleasure Show and Sunday, July 15 for an Open Jumping and Speed show along with some drawings. There will be special sales and prizes for class winners! The show will take place at W8827 Hemlock Rd in Beaver Dam.