Better Management Maximizes Profit!

The corn finally seems to be taking off after a cool wet spring and now we are thinking about the  nutrients needed to maximize yield. Some growers already have all of this year’s crop nutrients in the ground and are counting on them to be sufficient. Other producers are waiting for the optimum moment to come back through in the next few weeks with a final application of nutrients to ensure they are available at the time of maximum plant uptake. What is the right timing for this application, and what is the right rate to make sure we are supplying the crop with enough nutrients for this year’s yield potential? Most importantly, will it benefit you financially to make an in-season application?

The only way to have an accurate idea of how much nutrients you need is by having  accurate information about the field down to an acre by acre level of detail. Sure, we can use field averages but don’t be surprised if you only get average results from doing so. Producers who strive to do better than average have found that using their yield maps, making variable rate applications, and adjusting the timing of their  applications—gives them above average results in both crop yield and cost of inputs.

We are here to help you use today’s technology to increase profit on your farm. We understand that our success is based on our ability to help you grow better crops more efficiently. That’s why we are helping customers use technology to collect accurate information from their fields and use that information to apply the right inputs at the right rates, the right  placement, and the right timing. The agriculture industry commonly refers to this as the 4 R’s of Nutrient Stewardship.

If you, as a producer, are looking for ways to better manage your nutrients in a way that’s simple, inexpensive, and proven to provide  excellent results, I encourage you to try a program called Adapt-N. We have been using this program as a nitrogen management tool and found it to be accurate and very helpful for making accurate management decisions. With adapt-N we know how much nitrogen is left for our crops and can determine if our fertilizer program is profitable or if it needs adjustment. Producers who use Adapt-N to manage their fertilizer typically increase their profit by over $30 per acre. How is that possible? Simple, by supplying crops with the right amount of nutrients that are available when needed increases yield and decreases cost.

I encourage you to call us and have a discussion about the best way to increase profit on your farm. Whether it’s through Adapt-N fertilizer management, grid soil sampling, tissue tests, running a yield monitor in the combine, setting up a planter to achieve better results, or running variable rate prescriptions, we have the experience to point you in the direction to achieve the best results.

Andrew Tucker


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