NEW Trivapro® fungicide premix now available for corn, soybeans and wheat

Trivapro, the next generation corn, soybean and wheat fungicide from Syngenta, is the hardest-working, longest-lasting fungicide on the market. In fact, Trivapro works ten times harder than competitive brands.

What sets Trivapro apart from the competition?

Trivapro contains Solatenol® fungicide, a breakthrough SDHI that is ten times more powerful than any other SDHI on the market. Combined with proven performers Quadris and Tilt, Trivapro gives growers the powerhouse fungicide they need to help shut down existing disease and prevent future infections. Beyond working harder and longer to deliver a step-change in preventive and curative disease control, Trivapro provides built-in resistance management. With three complementary and non-cross-resistant modes of action (strobilurin, triazole and SDHI), Trivapro provides a revolutionary tool to maximize yield potential and return on investment.



  • Improved water use efficiency in the plant that slows water loss during dry conditions
  • Quicker canopy closure to deprive weeds of sunlight
  • Stronger stalks to reduce lodging
  • Prolonged grain-fill period by preventing crops from dying down early due to disease or environmental stressors


Trivapro crop enhancement benefits

  • Trivapro multitasks with several crop enhancement benefits to help produce higher yields: Experience longer-lasting disease control with Trivapro.
  • Trivapro extends residual control of key diseases, stopping the plant from dying early and sacrificing green tissue. By protecting the green leaf tissue of the plant, Trivapro enables plants to continue photosynthesizing longer, allowing the crop to maximize grain-fill and yield.


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