Top Reasons to Order Seed Early

Product Choice: In a perfect world, you’d always get the hybrids and seed size you want, but we need to make sure to order early to ensure we get it.

Discounts: We can offer early order discounts this helps prepare the seed companies to know how much seed to have ready for the upcoming season.

Early Pay Discounts: We also offer early pay discounts throughout the season starting now until the middle of January

Excellent Credit Terms: There are excellent financing options available. Like 0% Till Dec 2017 and Prime – 3% through JDF and other great offers through Robo like fixed 0% till Nov 2017

We have all your seed needs: We have a variety seeds to offer from Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa, Small Grains, Food Plot, Cover crops and all CRP, 10 Year and Set a Side needs. Let us know any seed you might need and we can have it ready.

Thank you, Joel Wilhelmson

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