Seed Quality Helps with Emergence

Hybrids and genetics provide the basis for tolerance to cold stress. High seed quality helps ensure that the seed will perform up to its genetic ability. Agrigold and NK Seed concentrates on selecting the best genetics for consistent performance across a wide range of environments and producing high quality seed. However, even with the best genetics and highest seed quality, environmental factors can still play a large role in stand establishment and emergence. We can assist growers and help pick the correct seed for their soil and conditions to help better manage their field operations to maximize stands. Soil temperatures at planting are a key environmental component of stand establishment. It is generally recommended that growers plant when soil temperatures are at or above 50 F. However, soil conditions after planting are also critical we started out this year with good conditions and then the weather got cool then stayed cool and moist. The worked ground with dark soil warmed up and dried out much faster like always I have looked at some high residue no till fields that plant stands are not where they should be we need to look at some products and practices WS Ag has to offer to better handle our residue this fall to help for next springs planting.

Thanks, Joel Wilhelmson


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