Aerial Application in Vt Corn

The time for aerial application is just around the corner. When corn gets to the VT stage it becomes optimum for fungicide application. This optimum window stays open until corn hits R3. Aerial application aids in  helping prevent crop loss due to insects and fungal diseases. Because insects and fungal diseases attack later in the growing season, they make it more difficult to control due to height and maturity of the crop and access into the field. With aerial application you eliminate that worry, and affectively control such pests and diseases. Some of the many fungicides and insecticides that we carry include:

Fungicide: Headline, Quilt Xcel, Stratego, Quadris

Insecticide: Warrior II, Mustang Max, Leverage, Baythroid

Some advantages of aerial application include: prevention of soil compaction, elimination of crop loss from wheel tracks, application in wet conditions, and application at any crop height. Aerial application is also the fastest and most efficient method of crop application. While it may cost a few dollars more, it has been proven that it pays for itself along with improves yield per acre.

Countryside Aviation is WS Ag Center’s application specialist. Countryside aerial application can cover 20-25 acres a minute with a wingspan of 52 feet equaling 75 feet of crop coverage. It is not uncommon to complete a couple thousand acres in a day. They ensure an even rate based on their Flow Control Technology and GPS guidance. They pride themselves in quality application, customer service, and safety.

For more information about fungicides, insecticides, rates, or aerial application, contact your WS Ag Center Agronomist.

Katie Meiselwitz


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