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Wow we have to feel really blessed, our crops were planted in a timely manner and so far they look great. In our last newsletter we said that you need to be ready with a marketing plan when the markets give an opportunity, we never dreamed it would happen this soon. Cash Corn and Soybeans for both old and new crop are at profitable levels. This could be the start of something or be very fleeting. All we are saying is that be ready with a marketing plan because in March most analysts said these prices would not be seen in the next 2-3 years. As we’ve always said though, world consumption is increasing and carry out levels vs usage is at and has been at historical lows.

We just want you to take advantage of every marketing opportunity. Also some fertilizer prices are reaching 10 year lows on certain products, this will also change just as fast as the grains market has. Let us help you plan for a profitable crop year and future crop years.

Kent Ganske


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