Projected Crop Production Costs 2016/2017

As we approach another growing season, we need to plan to maximize our profitability. The staff at WS Ag offers you the most up-to date total analysis of your farming operation to maximize your potential yield goals. A few things we offer are soil and tissue testing, 2-pass applications for dry and liquids plus 82%, actual soil testing for Nitrogen levels and usage throughout the season and not guessing by historical rain fall etc. We also offer aerial mapping and imagery throughout the growing season so you can tell how your crop is progressing. Plus we offer a lot more than what is outlined here. Discuss our services with one of our capable professionals.

In this newsletter, we have projected crop input costs and breakeven levels for corn and soybeans. The main key to profitability in these markets is yield, we at WS Ag can help you achieve your yield goals. You need to be ready to market successfully when the market presents chances to sell at more profitable levels, it will happen, but in the last couple of years the window for higher prices was very small, so be ready when such opportunities present themselves. WS Ag is your partner for a profitable growing and marketing season.

Kent Ganske


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