Kent BoVantage

Are you having issues in your herd with milk production, somatic cell count, or poor animal health? A key product that can help improve these issues in your herd is a product called BoVantage. This product is a feed fortifier that is a synergistic blend of natural ingredients, organic acids, vitamins and complexed trace minerals. This formulation supplies antioxidants and prebiotics for greater availability of nutrients.

BoVantage can:

  • Promote a healthy rumen environment
  • Stimulate dry matter intake
  • Help combat stress
  • Provide immune system support
  • Improve milk production
  • Reduce somatic cell count

BoVantage has been researched at the Kent Product Development Center in calf milk replacers, calf starters, and calf growers. The results have shown improved gains and better feed intake in young stock. BoVantage is a beneficial product to add into your nutrition program.

-Amber Zimmerman-Keel


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  1. Rodney VanBeek on

    Would this product be safe in feeding to deer and elk? I feed a base feed specific for deer and elk but wondering if too dressing with this product could benefit my animals? Thanks for your time.


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