Kent Silage Supreme 3X

To help promote good forage it takes time and excellent management practices,  however if something goes wrong anywhere in the ensiling process you can end up with lower quality silage. As soon as silage is exposed to air it can lead to the growth of yeast and mold, resulting in production of heat which leads to reduced quality and quantity of your silage while increasing the likelihood of mycotoxin production.

The Kent Silage Supreme 3X silage inoculant is a useful tool to help prevent any spoilage that may occur during the fermentation process. Silage Supreme 3X promotes proper fermentation with the blend of organisms and having a high  concentration of those organisms. There are three different viable strains that can be found in the Silage Supreme 3X two of which are Lactobacillus Plantarum and one Pediococcus cerevisiae. Together these strains produce lactic acid faster under a variety of normal silage making conditions. The Silage Supreme 3X provides an inoculation level of 300,000 organism per gram of forage resulting in a heavy concentration of lactic acid producing bacteria that forces fermentation to begin.  With this product you will have a better quality and quantity of silage resulting in more milk!

Amber Keel


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