Show to Win

Spring is here and the livestock show world is getting very active.  Jackpot and preview shows are right around the corner, showpig and showlamb sales are the flavor-of-the-day so it’s time to be prepared for the upcoming season.

We at WS Ag Center are very serious about the success of our customers at the shows.  Whether you are showing lambs, goats, hogs or cattle, we have the experience, expertise and a wide array of products to assist you in getting your projects into the winner’s circle.  We handle and have available Kent, ADM Showtec, Sunglo, Showrite and Purina Honor Show Chow as our main showfeed suppliers. Over the past eight years, the staff at WS Ag Center have been involved with the nutrition and management of well over 100 champions in these species at the county, state and national levels.  We realize that the genetics of each animal has specific and individualized needs.  We have seen and understand how each of the feeds that we  offer can be formulated to maximize the genetic potential of your future champions.  We are eager to assist you in the feeding and overall management of your showstock.  Please call to set up a consultation of your show animals so we can help set up a winning program for you.

Dairy News

     We have a new dairy ration balancing program which is state-of-the-art utilizing the latest technology available to the dairy industry.  We have had it in place for several months now and have seen remarkable results with our current customer base.  Please call or stop in to set up an appointment with one of our consultants to check out the new program.

Doug Fish, WS Ag Center, Livestock Consultant


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