Nutrition Matters in the Show Ring

It’s time to think about the show season!  Time to select that special lamb or pig that you will take to the Show Ring!  Showing animals is a wonderful adventure that allows for growth in measurements other than “rate of gain”.  It gives you the opportunity to interact, meet new people, gain meaningful memories and enhance your knowledge of animal husbandry.

Quite a few factors need to come together in order to be successful in the Show Ring.  When it comes to your selected animal, whether lamb or pig, solid nutrition practices are going to be key.  Even the best genetic traits won’t be realized if you are not feeding correctly for growth and finishing. Water is at the fore front of sound nutrition as without adequate clean  water your feed intake will suffer as well as your conversion to gain.  Your swine project, make sure you have properly balanced diets with the right amino acid blends such as Lysine. With regards to lambs, look for the    correct mix of protein sources to enhance rumen fermentation along with the right blend of important vitamin and minerals.

With both species, the good news is you have several options to help you on your quest for a sound feeding program.  There are complete feeds, just open the bag and feed, no mixing required. These are properly balanced nutritionally for the Show Ring animal.  For those that want to experiment, several base mixes and packs are available to utilize. Whether you have WS Ag Center mix these for you or take them home to do it   yourself, the choice is yours.  As always, Kent Nutrition Group brings you the quality products you have come to expect.  Through WS Ag Center, you can achieve a sound nutritional feeding program for your Show Animals with access to these tested and proven options.  Best of luck with your Show Ring endeavor!

Carol Coulombe, Kent Nutrition Group, Territory Sales Manager


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