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As we are in the midst of another harvest (which by the way we can feel blessed about) we need to reflect on the challenges we face each day in the commodities market. Currently we are at a break-even or slightly above in the corn market depending on if we took advantage of the short summer rally. As we look back on the markets from last year, Corn is presently up $.55 while Soybeans are down $.70. We all need to be ready to take advantage of what the market gives us at certain times of the year, no matter what the commodity is. We also need to take advantage of the technology available to benefit from cost-savings of prescription treating and variable-rate application of your crop inputs to maximize your yield potential and help you control your costs. Right now the common thread in the industry is about new technology and using what is available to project well into the future, consolidation, projecting crop production costs and using historical trends in weather, land values and more. Now is the time to adopt what is available with educated farm marketers and agronomists to formulate a successful farming operation. We at WS Ag have these tools, partnered with qualified personnel available to help you move ahead and maximize the profit potential of your farming operation. So get in touch with one of our qualified staff to develop a plan for your 2016 crop year.

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