Animal Immunity Protection

Are you sneezing, coughing and have a red nose? As the weather continues to get colder it seems chances increase that we may at some point deal with a cold or flu. In addition the holiday season tends to increase stress levels for some. We try to avoid this by increasing vitamin or mineral supplements, drinking more water or for some a preventive shot. We know that staying healthy means we are more productive and happier.

Our animals, whether commercial or companion are not immune to the many sources of stress, bacteria and viruses. Most are very good at hiding symptoms of their stress or early symptoms of viral distress due to their survival instinct. The question is how we help them with preventive measures to ensure their wellbeing and save ourselves costly veterinarian bills. We know there are many solutions on the market for specific situations especially when symptoms present themselves. This could become more of a challenge however as we look ahead to the Veterinarian Feed Directive.

Did you know that today there is a more natural source of immune support that can also help?

May I introduce, BoVantage! Your animals may benefit from BoVantage because it can, provide immune system support, help to combat stress, promote a healthy rumen environment, reduce somatic cell count and more. Kent Nutrition group has conducted several specific studies at our real world research facility to support these findings. Find comfort in knowing that we actually add this product into our milk replacers, calf starters, some dairy and beef feeds and more. Only Kent Dealers can source BoVantage through us. WS Ag Center, Inc. will be more than happy to discuss how BoVantage can help your animals and provide the additional needed immune support that like us is a benefit worth having.

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