Preparing for Corn Silage Harvest

Although we don’t like to see summer go, the cooler nights remind us that fall is on its way. The temperature changes remind us to start preparing for harvest season. For some that means corn silage or small grain harvest.

Your crop hopefully is doing well now but the process of ensuring a quality corn silage or small grain silage can be challenging. The industry has given us many ideas to help with proper cut length, moisture levels and packing ideas. However, we maybe are less prepared for bag busts, rips, tears and other ways that our hard work is exposed to air. The process of opening up our bunks and bags to feed creates the ideal environment for nutrient loss as this exposure to air creates the environment for yeast and molds to grow.

Lactic acid alone will not stop the growth of yeast and molds. However, products that provide both propionic acid and lactic acid producing bacteria will give you comfort in knowing that you are providing your silage with the maximum aerobic stability. Propionic acid inhibits the growth of yeast and molds during your feed out timeline which reduces the mycotoxin levels and provides less spoilage.

Take some time to consider the long-term protection plan on your corn silage or grain silage this year by discussing the “Silage Supreme Line” of products available to you through WS Ag Center. Have a safe and bountiful harvest!

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