Coccidiosis has been a problem for cattle producers in this part of the world for years. I’ve seen a large increase in the incidence of Cocci over the past year and a half. Ionophores such as Rumensin and Bovatec traditionally have done a decent job of helping to control the severity of outbreaks of this disease. Recently, however, we have seen that it takes a more aggressive approach to control Coccidiosis.

Amprolium is the drug of choice. Corid is the main brand of amprolium that we handle at WS Ag Center. Structurally, Corid mimics Thiamine (Vitamin B-12) which is required by Coccidia for normal growth and reproduction. When Coccidia ingest Corid, they experience thiamin deficiency and starve from malnutrition. Corid for prevention administer when experience tells you conditions are favorable for the development of Coccidiosis or any time cattle are exposed to unusual stress. Feed or use water soluble products at Label recommended levels for 21 days during these times. During periods when you see clinical signs of coccidiosis (dark or bloody diarrhea) treat using either product at label recommended levels for five days.

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